We are happy to introduce our new edition Oma's Consulting. We create situational and specially designed workshops and lectures based on dialogue, creativity and interactivity. We work with organisations and individuals in the Music business and other areas. We mainly work within the fields of:

  • Social Sustainability

  • Gender Equity/Gender Equality/Gender Mainstreaming

  • Norm Criticism/Creativity and Intersectionality

  • Rhetoric and communication

  • Management, project- and process management

  • Organizational development

The consulting sessions are held by Nina Piroth and Johanna Piroth, founders and managers of Oma Gusti:

Johanna Piroth - Degree of Master in Gender Studies (Master’s Programme in Law, Gender and Society, Umeå University). Bachelor of Arts in Gender Studies (Södertörn University) and Bachelor of Science in Music Production, Music Producer Programme, The Institute of Technology (Linköping University). Contact Johanna: Johanna@piroth.se

Nina Piroth - Bachelor of Arts in Rhetoric (Södertörn University) and Degree of Advanced Vocational Education and Training in Project Management (Project Center Idékraft Uppsala). Contact Nina: Nina@piroth.se

Contact Oma Gusti: info@omagustirecords.se