New Release


We are very proud to release this Italian/Berlin-based artist, and her first single in Scandinavia (in all your digital shops today). Her third album Wirewalker will be released in May. Here is the remix made by Swedish producer duo LOKATT. Enjoy!

Remix of Pirates by LOKATT

New release - LOKATT - Karg EP

Stockholm-based producer-duo LOKATT released their debut EP – Karg on Oma Gusti Records & Kranglan Broadcast the 27th of November. It’s techno pop from the Woods of Sweden. Dark, dreamy and danceable! Available in your digital shops now and as a limited vinyl. Stream from Spotify. All LOKATT covers and illustrations made by artist Stina Göthlander. Video made by Claes Ericson. PR by PullProxy Distributed by Wordandsound.