Oma Gusti is a Stockholm-based Music Company – a label, a studio and consultation. The Company is created by Nina Piroth and Johanna Piroth.

Oma Gusti Records – The label was born 2004 after a tour with a long stop and recording in Berlin. We wanted to release our first record and decided to start our own label. Since then we have sporadically released music we love. Oma Gusti Records releases music inspired by people, the forest, the ocean, sparkling, glimmering and beautiful sounds, feelings, memories, the air on a crystal clear day and lots of more. Music just for dreams and sometimes also music you can swing your hips to. Oma Gusti believes that music still can change the world.

Oma's Studio – This is where the magic happens (with big knitted socks on). Oma’s Studio is working with music production, songwriting, sound art, sound design, video and radio production.

Oma's Consulting – We create situational and specially designed workshops and lectures based on dialogue, creativity and interactivity. We work with organisations and individuals in all areas – not only the music business.

Who is Oma Gusti? She was our inspiring Austrian grandmother. She run the first record shop in the Mozart city Salzburg.